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In many cases, roofs are installed with no flashing at all and the shingles are curled up against the wall and smeared with black tar. You can rely on the professionals at Chuck's Roof Repair to help ensure that your roof has quality wall flashing installed.

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Prevent water from seeping in

Proper flashing can help prevent water from slowly seeping into the joints of your home's structure. The flashing is made of an L-shaped metal that goes up 4 inches behind the siding and 4 inches underneath the shingles, and it's virtually invisible while it keeps water out of your home.

No sealant required

A properly installed wall flashing requires no sealant at all. For brick walls, we use step counter flashing along with the L-shaped metal. We make a small cut into the mortar and use a lip bent to insert right into the cut for a perfect fit.

A-rated in Angie's List, you can count on our licensed roof repair specialists to cater to all your wall flashing needs with ease.

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Serving residential home owners for the last 27 years, we use a heavy gauge pre-painted aluminum sheet that matches the color of your roof and does not rust. Proper wall flashing can ensure that your home is safe and protected from water entering it for years to come. We use a clear sealant where the lip bent is inserted into the brick mortar for a good finish and look.

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