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A note from Chuck

Hi, Chuck Baker here, owner of Chuck's Roof Repair. As the son of a very skilled and well-respected roofer, I began learning the trade at a very young age. In 1985 I began working on roofs with my father full-time. He taught me something that is very rare these days — to take pride in my work and do the right thing regardless if anyone is watching or not. I have been a professional roofer for over 28 years and along the way I became a roof repair specialist. Whether you are in need of a major or minor roof repair, I can help.

Skilled craftsmanship

Over the last 28 years, I have seen the roofing trade in general go from skilled craftsmanship performed mainly by American citizens to mostly foreign laborers slapping on shingles as fast as they can go, often not slowing down enough to pay attention to the many details which are extremely important to a roof's performance. Then there are the storm chasers and other tradesmen who will take on a roof job without much knowledge of these detail areas. This shoddy workmanship can easily lead to problems with the roof in the future. When you want old-fashioned quality, call Chuck Baker.

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We offer FREE estimates

Thanks for a great job. It was a pleasure working with your company. I appreciate the job you did, especially the quick response. I will definitely recommend you to others.


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